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Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places
If you look at it right
- Scarlet Begonias (Garcia/Hunter)

Magic is what we do. Music is how we do it.
- Jerry Garcia talking about the Grateful Dead

Dick Latvala
joined with Jerry, Pig, Brent, Keith & all the rest on August 6, 1999

Fare you well, fare you well
I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
to rock my soul
- Brokedown Palace (Garcia/Hunter)

August 7, 1999
Dick "showed me the light" via his Dick's Picks series several years ago. Always a GD fan (since Terrapin first came out), I truly didn't understand the Dead until I rediscovered them in the 90's, when I stumbled across DP7, and thought to myself, "Wow, this looks cool!".

I've never met Dick, though I've read a lot about him in the last 10 days. I sincerely understand his joy in spreading the music. For me, that's what it's all about, helping someone discover something that touches their soul. I can't thank you enough Dick, for rocking my soul.

Ever since my (forced) upgrade to Win2k, burning has been a long and painful process for me. As such, I'm not really looking for new trades, and am taking on very, very few B&Ps. Still, there's nothing wrong with dropping me a note asking for one or the other; just don't be too upset if I don't get back to you right away (or even at all).


* Recent Additions
* Trade Guidelines
* Equipment Setup
* Shows I Have To Trade
* Shows I'm Looking For
* Note to Newbies - including general B&P requests
* Songlist

Recent Additions

Shows I've added in the last four weeks (most recent first):

Show DateBandVenueLocation
05-24-1969Grateful DeadSeminole Indian VillageWest Hollywood, FL
12-31-2001 [F]The Crusader Rabbit Stealth BandHenry J. Kaiser AuditoriumOakland, CA
12-31-2001Phil & FriendsHenry J. Kaiser AuditoriumOakland, CA
11-06-1977Grateful DeadBroome County ArenaBinghamton, NY

Trade Guidelines

My basic list of trading guidelines:

Trade Status

If we already have a trade set up, and you'd like to check on the status, please visit my Trade Status page. If you don't know your trade ID, drop me a line at or

Equipment Setup

Some info about my setup:

If you want more details on why I bought these drives (and where and how much), drop me a line at [So many people have dropped me a line that I created a FAQ]

An important note about the software I use:

I use Adaptec's Easy CD Creator. More importantly, I do not normally use EAC. There are folks who would only like to trade with others if they use EAC; hence my little disclaimer here. I have nothing against the program, however I feel it is unnecessary for me, and no one has said anything to convince me otherwise. I spent the extra money and went the extra mile in researching my purchase, so that I could do flawless DAE and accurate burns, CD to CD when possible. I choose not to take the extra time needed to use EAC because time, for me, is very precious. I go out of my way to document any imperfections in the source CDs, and if by some chance I introduce diginoise because I kicked my machine while doing the burn, then I will gladly re-burn and re-mail the CDs at my expense.

Shows I Have To Trade

Shows I'm Looking For

If you happen to have any of the following, I would be Grateful indeed!

Show DateVenueLocationSet(s)
09-29-1967Straight TheaterSan Francisco, CAAll
01-126-1969Avalon BallroomSan Francisco, CAAll
06-07-1969Fillmore WestSan Francisco, CAAll
07-05-1969Electric TheaterChicago, ILAll
06-24-1970 (late)Capital TheaterPort Chester, NYAll
10-04-1970Winterland ArenaSan Francisco, CAAll
11-05-1970Capitol TheaterPort Chester, NYAll
11-06-1970 (early)Capitol TheaterPort Chester, NYAll
11-06-1970 (late)Capitol TheaterPort Chester, NYAll
11-08-1970Capitol TheaterPort Chester, NYAll
11-09-1970Action HouseIsland Park, NYAll
09-21-1972The SpectrumPhiladelphia, PAAll
10-19-1973Oklahoma City Fairgrounds ArenaOklahoma City, OKAll
03-20-1977Winterland ArenaSan Francisco, CAAll
03-28-1985Nassau Veterans Memorial ColiseumUniondale, NYAll
04-08-1985The SpectrumPhiladelphia, PAAll
07-12-1987Giant's StadiumEast Rutherford, NJAll
08-19-1989Greek TheatreBerkeley, CAAll
09-29-1989Shoreline AmphitheatreMountain View, CAAll
06-16-1990Shoreline AmphitheatreMountain View, CAAll
12-10-1993Los Angeles Sports ArenaLos Angeles, CAAll
06-19-1995Giant's StadiumEast Rutherford, NJAll

Show DateVenueLocationSet(s)
10-31-1998 (late)Yoshi'sOakland, CAAll
04-12-1999Community TheaterMorristown, NJAll
05-16-1999The Florida TheatreJacksonville, FLAll

Show DateVenueLocationSet(s)
03-29-2002Warfield TheaterSan Francisco, CAAll

Show DateVenueLocationSet(s)
02-28-1998Fox TheaterBoulder, COAll
08-09-1998Gallivan CenterSalt Lake City, UTAll
09-11-1998The Wool WarehouseAlbequerque, NMAll
04-27-1999The Music FarmCharleston, SCAll
05-08-1999StubbsAustin, TXAll


I'm interested in random Bruce Hornsby, Phil & Friends, and acoustic shows of any kind. I'd also like to hear some Banyan someday.

Also, I'm looking to upgrade the following. If you have better copies of these, please let me know!

Show DateVenueLocationUpgrade Reason
03-01-1969Fillmore WestSan Francisco, CAToo many little pops, missing encore.
11-14-1973San Diego Sports ArenaSan Diego, CATruckin' fades in, lost channels in Big River and Eyes, Truckin' --> Wharf Rat broken up across CDs!
05-19-1974Portland Memorial ColiseumPortland ORMissing 1/3 of first set.
12-31-1990Oakland Coliseum ArenaOakland, CANFA and The Other One fades in, Dark Star cut.
06-20-1991Pine Knob Music TheatreClarkston, MIBird Song is spliced!

Note to Newbies

Having been one myself, I know what it's like to try and get started. Don't dispair! There are plenty of people out there willing to help out, myself included. If I have the time, and you have the disks, I'll copy anything you like. Just ask!

Don't let anyone rip you off with 2-for-1 deals, or extra postage or anything like that! If someone isn't willing to spend the time & energy to spread the music for the sheer joy of it, then they shouldn't be doing it! Please don't encourage these people; I'll burn anything you'd like, if I have the time; just ask nicely!

The way I see it, the music isn't mine, so who am I to hoard it?
- me

Ever since my (forced) upgrade to Win2k, burning has been a long and painful process for me. As such, I'm not really looking for new trades, and am taking on very, very few B&Ps. Still, there's nothing wrong with dropping me a note asking for one or the other; just don't be too upset if I don't get back to you right away (or even at all).

B&P Requests

[B & P == Blanks and Postage - you supply the CD blanks and pay postage both ways, I copy the shows. For more information, see Ed McNichol's most excellent B&P How-To.] Please don't think badly of me for putting these "rules" in place. I do upwards of 15 B&P deals a month, and these rules help make things run a whole lot smoother on my end.

In addition, here are some links to get you started:

I have tried to make this document presentable under both Netscape and Lynx. Please let me know how I did. Send these or other comments to:

(lambda) Live Free, that's the message! (rainbow flag)


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