Grateful Dead

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CD(s)  : 1
Quality  : A+
Flaws  : 
Source  : SBD:MR > DAT > CD
Status  : Tradable
Show Notes  : Acoustic Set.
My Comments  : Set I only. Excellent acoustic set. The China Doll makes me want to weep.
Vorbis  : No
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Band  Show Date  Venue  Location  Set(s)  Show Notes
Grateful Dead  10-11-1980  Warfield Theater  San Francisco, CA  Set One  

Set List

10-11-1980 - Grateful Dead
Set OneSet TwoSet ThreeEncore #1
Dire Wolf; Dark Hollow; Rosalie McFall; Cassidy; Deep Elem Blues; Monkey & The Engineer; China Doll; Heaven Help the Fool; Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie; RippleFeel Like a Stranger; They Love Each Other; Mama Tried > Mexicali Blues; Loser; Passenger; Ramble on Rose; Looks Like Rain; Althea; Lost Sailor > Saint of CircumstanceChina Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider; Let it Grow > Drumz > Not Fade Away* > Wharf Rat* > Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad* > One More Saturday Night*Brokedown Palace
Dire Wolf & Deep Elem Blues appear on "Reckoning".Loser appears on "Reckoning"* with John Cipollina 

Some/all set lists taken from: Deadbase, The Deadlists Project

Track List

NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

CD #1
1.  Dire Wolf   3:15  
2.  Dark Hollow   3:48  
3.  Rosalie McFall   2:46  
4.  Cassidy   5:42  
5.  Deep Elem Blues   4:50  
6.  Monkey & The Engineer   2:32  
7.  China Doll   4:56  
8.  Heaven Help the Fool   6:14  
9.  Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie   6:19  
10.  Ripple   4:31  
 Total:  45:00  

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