Bruce Hornsby

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CD(s)  : 2
Quality  : A+
Flaws  : 
Source  : DSBD:DAT > CD
Status  : Tradable
Show Notes  : Selections with Phil Lesh & Steve Kimock
My Comments  : Nice King of the Hill, great Scarlet Begonias. Very nice Loser and the medly on CD #2 is well done.
Vorbis  : No
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Show Info

Band  Show Date  Venue  Location  Set(s)  Show Notes
Bruce Hornsby  10-31-1998 (early)  Yoshi's  Oakland, CA  Partial  
Bruce Hornsby  11-06-1998 (early)  Yoshi's  Oakland, CA  All  
Bruce Hornsby  11-07-1998 (early)  Yoshi's  Oakland, CA  Encore #1  
Bruce Hornsby  11-07-1998 (late)  Yoshi's  Oakland, CA  Partial  
Bruce Hornsby  11-07-1998 (late)  Yoshi's  Oakland, CA  Encore #1  

Set List

10-31-1998 (early) - Bruce Hornsby
Set OneEncore #1
Spider Fingers > Twelve Tone Tune; Sunlight Moon; See The Same Way; Mandolin Rain; Country Doctor > Barber Nocturne; Sugaree; Look Out Any Window; Girl From the North Country; Werewolves Of LondonFortunate Son; Great Divide
Sugaree, Look Out Any Window, Girl From the North Country and Werewolves of London with Steve Kimock.with Steve Kimock

11-06-1998 (early) - Bruce Hornsby
Tuning; Sneaking Up on Boo Radley; Look Out Any Window; Fortunate Son; King of the Hill > Baby Hold Onto Me > Mountain Jam > Surry with a Fringe On Top > King of the Hill; Scarlet Begonias; Rainbow's Cadillac; Loser; Tennessee Jed
Scarlet Begonias, Rainbow's Cadillac, Lose and Tennessee Jed with Phil Lesh and Steve Kimock

11-07-1998 (early) - Bruce Hornsby
Set OneEncore #1
Resting Place; Sunflower Cat; King Of The Hill > Big Boss Man > Lover Man > Tempus Fugit > Arkansas Traveler > Tipitina > Jingo; End Of The Innocence; Tango King; White Wheeled LimousineThe Way It Is
with Steve Kimockwith Steve Kimock

11-07-1998 (late) - Bruce Hornsby
Set OneEncore #1
Across The River; Line In The Dust; Ramble On Rose > Maple Leaf Rag > Entertainer (bitonal); Rainbow's Cadillac > Get Up Stand Up; Long Tall Cool One; Mandolin Rain > Brokedown Palace; I Can't Make You Love Me; Another Day > Mystery Train > It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to CryGreat Divide > Will It Go Round In Circles
with Steve Kimockwith Steve Kimock

Some/all set lists taken from: SetLists, Bruce Hornsby Inter@ctive

Track List

NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

CD #1CD #2
1.  (tuning)   2:49  
2.  Sneaking Up on Boo Radley   7:36  
3.  Look Out Any Window   7:31  
4.  Fortunate Son   4:30  
5.  King of the Hill >   17:29  
 Baby Hold Onto Me >     
 Mountain Jam >     
 Surry with a Fringe On Top >     
 King of the Hill     
6.  Intro   0:52  
7.  Scarlet Begonias   17:09  
8.  Rainbow's Cadillac   9:01  
 Total:  67:02  
1.  (conversation)   0:22  
2.  Loser   8:44  
3.  Tennessee Jed   10:40  
4.  (conversation)1   0:22  
5.  The Way It Is1   12:20  
6.  Another Day2 >   15:53  
 Mystery Train2 >     
 Another Day2 >     
 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry2 >     
7.  (conversation)2   0:21  
8.  Across the Great Divide2 >   9:55  
 Will It Go Round In Circles2     
9.  (conversation)3   0:14  
10.  Country Doctor3   9:05  
 Total:  68:02  
111-07-1998 (early), 211-07-1998 (late), 310-31-1998 (early)

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