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CD(s)  : 3
Quality  : A
Flaws  : Drop/splice in Promised Land. Sub-second drop in BT Wind. I Know You Rider ends abruptly (cut?), as does China Doll. They Love Each Other is cut at the end. Wave that Flag is complete (this show previously circulated with the song cut at the end). Casey Jones is all broken up; I believe someone's amp blew.
Source  : SBD: ? > ? >CD
Status  : Tradable
Show Notes  : First Wall of Sound show. According to reports, all of the tweeters blew as the band played the first notes.
My Comments  : Wow, this is a great show! There're half-a-dozen First Time Played from this show, and they all sound as if they've been playing them for years. A number of songs are very spirited on this show, notably Loose Lucy, Mexicali Blues, TLEO and Big River. Jerry's picking on El Paso is absolutely amazing.

In an effort not to check off half the show's songs as being exceptional, I'll only give Honorable Mentions to the following songs: China > Rider, Sugar Mag > Sunshine Daydream, Uncle John's Band and Playin (did I mention the very jazzy jam going on in Playin'?).
Vorbis  : No
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Show Info

Band  Show Date  Venue  Location  Set(s)  Show Notes
Grateful Dead  02-09-1973  Roscoe Maples Pavilion, Stanford University  Palo Alto, CA  All  

Set List

02-09-1973 - Grateful Dead
Set OneSet TwoEncore #1
The Promised Land; Row Jimmy; Black-Throated Wind; Deal; Me & My Uncle; Sugaree; Looks Like Rain; Loose Lucy; Beer Barrel Polka; Mexicali Blues; Brown-Eyed Women; El Paso; Here Comes Sunshine; Playin' in the BandChina Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider; Jack Straw; They Love Each Other; Truckin' > Eyes of the World > China Doll; Big River; Ramble On Rose; Box of Rain; Wave that Flag; Sugar Magnolia; Uncle John's Band; Around & AroundCasey Jones
First time played: Row Jimmy, Loose Lucy & Here Comes Sunshine.First time played: They Love Each Other, Eyes of the World, China Doll & Wave That Flag. 

Some/all set lists taken from: Deadbase, The Deadlists Project

Track List

NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

CD #1CD #2CD #3
1.  The Promised Land   3:09  
2.  Row Jimmy   7:14  
3.  Black-Throated Wind   6:35  
4.  Deal   4:29  
5.  Me & My Uncle   3:04  
6.  (conversation)   0:54  
7.  Sugaree   7:37  
8.  Looks Like Rain   6:21  
9.  Loose Lucy   6:33  
10.  Beer Barrel Polka   1:03  
11.  Mexicali Blues   3:18  
12.  Brown-Eyed Women   5:05  
13.  El Paso   4:32  
14.  Here Comes Sunshine   9:34  
 Total:  69:37  
1.  Playin' in the Band   18:39  
2.  (conversation)   2:09  
3.  China Cat Sunflower >   10:29  
 I Know You Rider     
4.  Jack Straw   4:39  
5.  (conversation)   0:14  
6.  They Love Each Other   4:36  
7.  Truckin' >   7:43  
8.  Eyes of the World >   18:49  
9.  China Doll   6:01  
 Total:  73:25  
1.  Big River   4:48  
2.  Ramble On Rose   6:24  
3.  Box of Rain   5:07  
4.  Wave that Flag   6:09  
5.  Sugar Magnolia >   9:05  
 Sunshine Daydream     
6.  Uncle John's Band   7:14  
7.  Around & Around   5:00  
8.  Casey Jones   6:47  
 Total:  50:39  

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