String Cheese Incident

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[Show Date] If it has an [R] in it, it's an especially recommended show. If it has an [F] in it, it means it's filler (not a complete show), but it's worthy enough to be listed.
[Flaws] Do not be alarmed if there is an x in the Flaws column. It merely indicates that there is something wrong with the show. The something could be as minor as a missing song, or a reel flip from the source, or it could be diginoise or pops. Click on the show date and read the details and decide for yourself whether the show is worth whatever imperfection is present
[# CDs] If there are two numbers present, the second is how many SHN CDs are needed (as opposed to regular audio CDs).

Show DateVenueLocationSet(s)# CDsQualityFlawsSrcNotes
03-20-1997Sheridan Opera HouseTelluride, COAll3A ??? 
08-09-1997 (late) [R]The Grand Targhee Bluegrass FestivalAlta, WYAll2A+x??? 
05-08-1998Be Here NowAsheville, NCAll2A+xDSBD 
05-10-1998 [R]Dunham'sAtlanta, GAAll1/1A+xFMSBD 
10-24-1998TraxCharlottesville, VAAll3A+xDSBD 
12-31-1998Henry J. Kaiser Convention CenterOakland, CASet One1A DAUDAcoustic set.
12-31-1998Henry J. Kaiser Convention CenterOakland, CASet Two
Encore #1
02-05-1999The House of BluesWest Hollywood, CAAll3A+x???CD #2 is overburned by a couple of seconds. Should be OK on most CD blanks, but there is a small chance for a coaster to be born.
04-02-1999American TheaterSt. Louis, MOAll3A+xDAUD 
04-19-1999Recher TheatreTowson, MDAll3AxDSBD 
05-21-1999The All Good Music FestivalBrandywine, MDAll2A+xSBD 
06-15-1999Red Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COAll1/1A+ DAUD 
10-31-1999 [R]The Electric FactoryPhiladelphia, PAAll4A+ DSBD 

DSBD:Digital Soundboard
DAUD:Digital Audience
FOB:Front-of-Board Audience
BBD:Betty Board
Boot:Bootleg CD
FMSBD:Pre-FM Soundboard
Radio:Post-Soundboard Radio

[Grateful Dead] [Jerry Garcia Band] [Jerry Garcia - Miscellaneous] [Dead-related Bands] [Bela Fleck] [David Gans] [Bruce Hornsby] [KVHW] [Phil & Friends] [String Cheese Incident] [Keller Williams] [Bluegrass] [Jazz] [Miscellaneous Bands]

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