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NOTE: This page was put together for my use and enjoyment, but I thought I'd put it out here for you, too. As such, it lists shows that are not for trade either because they're commercial CDs or the quality is too low. Also, I decided not to list songs like Space, Drums and the like, as the list is long enough, and I'll not likely say to myself, 'Hey, I wonder if I have a Space on some other show....'. If you see any mistakes, let me know. Enjoy!

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NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

10 Most Played Songs
(in my collection)

#  Song  Count
1  Not Fade Away
  Playin' in the Band
2  Sugar Magnolia
3  I Know You Rider
4  The Other One
5  Dark Star
6  Me & My Uncle
7  Bertha
  Eyes of the World
8  Jack Straw

10 Longest Songs
(single song, single track))

#  Song  Band  Show  CD  Time
1  The Other One  Grateful Dead  1972-04-26  Hundred Year Hall   36:29
2  Viola Lee Blues  Phil & Friends  1999-04-15  1999-04-15   34:03
3  Dark Star  Grateful Dead  1972-08-27  1972-08-27   31:39
4  Dark Star  Grateful Dead  1972-08-27  1972-08-27   31:13
5  Dark Star  Grateful Dead  1972-09-27  Dick's Picks #11   30:50
6  Turn On Your Lovelight  Grateful Dead  1970-02-13b  Dick's Picks #4   30:27
7  That's It for the Other One  Grateful Dead  1970-02-13b  Dick's Picks #4   30:07
8  Dark Star  Grateful Dead  1970-02-13b  Dick's Picks #4   29:41
9  Playin' in the Band  Grateful Dead  1974-06-16  1974-06-16   29:11
10  Dark Star  Grateful Dead  1974-02-24  1974-02-24   29:02

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