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NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

Show DateBandTitleDiscTrackBeforeAfterLength
A Day In The Life (1)
03-12-1999David Gans & Vince Welnick1999-03-12110(conversation)Love Me Two Times5:01
A New Day Medley (1)
01-23-1988The Acoustic Allstars1988-01-2327Banjo SoloCold on the Shoulder8:05
A Voice From on High (1)    [Traditional]
08-05-1970Grateful Dead1970-08-0516Drink Up and Go HomeCold Jordan3:15
Across the Great Divide (2)
11-07-1998 (late)Bruce Hornsby1998-11-0628(conversation)> Will It Go Round In Circles9:55
??-??-1998Bruce Hornsby1991-09-1036King of the Hill >> Piano Solo6:04
Across the River (1)
07-28-1998Bruce Hornsby1998-07-28211Stander On Mountain >> The Tide Will Rise4:33
After Midnight (3)
??-??-1974Legion of MaryDick's Gift24Are You Lonely For Me Baby? >(tuning)9:01
02-14-1976Jerry Garcia Band1976-02-1417The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 10:24
05-21-1976Jerry Garcia BandDon't Let Go21 Strange Man11:01
Agitation (1)
10-28-1967Miles Davis1967-10-2811 > Footprints5:21
Ain't It Crazy (The Rub) (2)    [Sam "Lightin" Hopkins]
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2815El PasoBird Song5:13
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2815El PasoBird Song6:11
Alabama Getaway (5)    [Garcia/Hunter]
12-26-1979Grateful DeadDick's Picks #5110Looks Like Rain> The Promised Land6:58
05-06-1981Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1311 > Greatest Story Ever Told5:01
10-14-1983Grateful DeadDick's Picks #611 > Greatest Story Ever Told6:06
04-15-1999Phil & Friends1999-04-1531 Sugaree8:31
08-12-1999Phil & Friends1999-08-1221 Mountains of the Moon6:55
All Along the Watchtower (9)    [Bob Dylan]
07-17-1970Jimi Hendrix1970-07-1717Lover ManFoxy Lady4:45
09-18-1987Grateful Dead1987-09-1823Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad >> Morning Dew4:50
11-06-1987Grateful Dead1987-11-0629Morning Dew > 6:16
06-23-1988Grateful Dead1988-06-2327Gimme Some Lovin' >> Morning Dew4:43
07-02-1988Grateful Dead1988-07-0234Gimme Some Lovin' >> Morning Dew5:44
03-24-1990Grateful DeadDozin' at the Knick33The Wheel >> Stella Blue7:42
06-20-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-2023Iko Iko> Standing on the Moon8:24
03-17-1995Grateful Dead1995-03-1722Drumz >> Standing on the Moon 
08-12-1999Phil & Friends1999-08-1224Jam >Organ & Blood Donor Info11:10
All Around the Watertank (1)
11-04-1973Old & in the Way1973-11-04115Just Like a Tramp on the StreetMidnight Moonlight3:43
All Blues (3)    [Miles Davis]
03-22-1960 (early)Miles Davis1960-03-2212On Green Dolphin StreetSo What17:04
05-08-1998String Cheese Incident1998-05-0822Mercy, Mercy, Mercy> Jaws Jam11:58
10-31-1999String Cheese Incident1999-10-3115Lonesome Road BluesOpen Your Eyes8:34
All Over Now (3)    [Bobby & S. Womak]
03-18-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1813Mississippi Half-Step Uptown ToodelooSugaree7:03
11-17-1998Ratdog1998-11-1716YoungbloodBlack-Throated Wind7:35
02-12-1999Ratdog1999-02-1215Eternity> Maggie's Farm17:54
All Things (Mia ia io) (1)    [Happy Rhodes]
09-04-1999Happy Rhodes1999-09-04111The Movie Quote GameBrave Sir Robin4:11
Alligator (13)    [Hunter/McKernan]
09-03-1967Grateful Dead1967-09-0317Big Boss Man 14:40
02-28-1969Grateful Dead1969-02-2832(tuning)> Drums3:37
09-30-1969Grateful Dead1969-09-3014Take Me Out to the Ballgame> Drums4:18
12-31-1969Grateful Dead1969-12-3123Drums >> We Bid You Goodnight Jam12:19
12-31-1969Grateful Dead1969-12-3124We Bid You Goodnight Jam >> Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)1:43
12-31-1969Grateful Dead1969-12-3121 > Drums5:17
02-14-1970 (late)Grateful DeadDick's Picks #431 > Drums3:55
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2923Sugar Magnolia> Drums9:21
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2933Drums >> Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad9:45
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2931 > Drums3:58
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2932(tuning)> Drums4:00
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2934Drums >> Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad9:47
04-16-1999Phil & Friends1999-04-1621 Bertha14:25
Althea (3)    [Garcia/Hunter]
10-14-1983Grateful DeadDick's Picks #616Big River> C.C. Rider8:49
03-15-1990Grateful DeadWithout a Net14Walkin' BluesCassidy6:55
03-15-1990Grateful DeadTerrapin Station Limited15Walkin' BluesJust Like Tom Thumb's Blues8:32
Amazing Grace (1)
02-??-1994Garcia, Grisman & Rice1994-02-??19Rosalie McFallLittle Sadie3:10
Angel (1)
04-??-1968Jimi Hendrix1968-04-??121983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)Cherokee Mist Jam3:22
The Angels Took My Racehorse Away (1)
03-03-1992 (late)Richard Thompson1992-03-03/04111Streets of ParadiseDevonside3:22
Angola (1)
12-31-1998Planet Drum1998-12-3111 Yabu7:19
Another Day (2)
11-07-1998 (late)Bruce Hornsby1998-11-0626The Way It Is> Mystery Train15:53
11-07-1998 (late)Bruce Hornsby1998-11-0626Mystery Train >> It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry 
Are You Lonely For Me Baby? (2)    [Bert Berns]
02-09-1974Gacia & Saunders1974-02-0913Finders KeepersSecond That Emotion15:33
??-??-1974Legion of MaryDick's Gift23Jam #2 >> After Midnight11:22
Around & Around (21)    [Chuck Berry]
09-27-1972Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1137Casey Jones 5:18
02-09-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-0937Uncle John's BandCasey Jones5:00
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1032Here Comes SunshineDark Star6:09
07-27-1973Grateful Dead1973-07-2718Wharf Rat 4:56
11-14-1973Grateful Dead1973-11-1425I Know You RiderTruckin'5:08
12-19-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #128Stella Blue 5:37
06-16-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1623I Know You RiderU.S. Blues4:56
06-18-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-18110China DollLoose Lucy5:16
06-18-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-18110China Doll 5:21
06-23-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-2329Black Peter 5:18
06-23-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-2328Black Peter 5:20
02-26-1977Grateful Dead1977-02-2638Dancin' in the StreetsU.S. Blues7:22
03-18-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1828St. Stephen > 8:08
05-07-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0735Wharf Rat 8:00
10-01-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-0128Black Peter > 8:19
12-27-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-2733Wharf Rat > 7:41
12-31-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-3132Not Fade Away >One More Saturday Night9:35
02-05-1978Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1838Wharf Rat > 8:35
12-26-1979Grateful DeadDick's Picks #535Brokedown Palace >> Johnny B. Goode3:57
04-19-1982Grateful Dead1982-04-1934Stella Blue >> Good Lovin'3:50
03-25-1990Grateful DeadDozin' at the Knick311Black Peter >Brokedown Palace7:17
Artificial Flowers (1)
11-17-1998Ratdog1998-11-1718Black-Throated Wind >Victim or the Crime3:42
As I Come of Age (1)
07-07-1973Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1973-07-0714BlackbirdRoll Another Number5:56
At a Siding (1)
03-18-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1825Terrapin Station >> Not Fade Away3:10
Atlas Shrugs (1)
12-12-1998ToadstoolToadstool14Soul to Bleed 5:45
Attics of My Life (5)    [Garcia/Hunter]
09-20-1970Grateful Dead1970-09-20211Sugar MagnoliaMama Tried6:41
09-27-1972Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1133Cumberland BluesThe Promised Land5:11
03-30-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-3036Not Fade Away 5:27
09-24-1994Grateful Dead1994-09-2416When I Paint My MasterpieceCassidy4:55
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-31213Terrapin Station >Four Strong Winds 
Auld Lang Syne (1)
12-31-1998Ratdog1998-12-3111 > Playin' in the Band3:10
Autumn Day (3)
05-16-1999David Gans1999-05-16114(conversation)The Minstrel3:56
10-22-1999David Gans1999-10-22112Normal 4:36
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-3136One Thing at a Time >El Paso3:55

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