Song List - G

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NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

Show DateBandTitleDiscTrackBeforeAfterLength
Garden of Eden (1)    [John Dawson]
04-28-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-2817Down in the BoondocksGlendale Train7:17
Gentleman, Start Your Engines (1)    [Barlow / Mydland]
??-??-1988Grateful DeadSo Many Roads (1965 - 1995)45Playin' in the BandDeath Don't Have No Mercy4:12
Get on Up (1)
01-01-2000Keller Williams2000-01-0133Dude Loup >> Sanford & Son 
Gimme Shelter (1)
01-01-2000Keller Williams2000-01-0128Yoni >> India4:41
Gimme Some Lovin' (6)    [Steve & Muff Winwood/Spencer Davis]
12-31-1986Grateful Dead1986-12-3134Turn On Your Lovelight> When Push Comes to Shove5:19
11-06-1987Grateful Dead1987-11-0627The Wheel >> Morning Dew5:24
06-23-1988Grateful Dead1988-06-2326I Need a Miracle >> All Along the Watchtower5:09
07-02-1988Grateful Dead1988-07-0233The Wheel >> All Along the Watchtower5:07
03-30-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-3033I Need a Miracle >> Standing on the Moon4:54
06-10-1990Grateful Dead1990-06-1031 > Standing on the Moon6:48
Gingerbread Boy (1)
10-28-1967Miles Davis1967-10-2818MasqualeroThe Theme5:55
Ginseng Sullivan (1)    [Norman(?) Blake]
01-23-1988The Acoustic Allstars1988-01-2313SlipstreamWayfaring Traveler3:27
Glendale Train (2)    [John Dawson]
04-28-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-2818Garden of EdenFair Chance To Know5:35
04-29-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-2919LodiFair Chance To Know5:01
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad (34)    [Traditional]
02-18-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1835Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away7:14
02-20-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-2032Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away8:06
04-15-1971Grateful DeadDP13 Vault Release Party14Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away 
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2838Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away6:30
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2835Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away5:54
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2924Drums >> Cold Rain & Snow12:30
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2935Alligator >> Cold Rain & Snow5:28
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2934Alligator >> Cold Rain & Snow4:23
08-14-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-1429Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away9:54
10-31-1971Grateful DeadDick's Picks #215Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away10:38
11-15-1971Grateful Dead1971-11-1512China Cat Jam >> Not Fade Away 
04-26-1972Grateful DeadHundred Year Hall110Turn On Your Lovelight >> One More Saturday Night7:32
05-03-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-0344Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away6:44
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1046Not Fade Away >> Drums9:40
11-14-1973Grateful Dead1973-11-1437Me & My Uncle> One More Saturday Night7:21
02-24-1974Grateful Dead1974-02-2445Not Fade Away >> Not Fade Away7:13
05-19-1974Grateful Dead1974-05-1933Not Fade AwayU.S. Blues6:47
06-16-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1644Wharf Rat >Casey Jones8:19
06-28-1974Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1235The Promised Land >> Sunshine Daydream8:23
08-06-1974Grateful Dead1974-08-0647The Other One >> Sunshine Daydream6:14
09-28-1976Grateful DeadDick's Picks #20310Let it Grow > 9:14
05-06-1981Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1336The Other One >> Wharf Rat5:33
12-31-1986Grateful Dead1986-12-3132Wharf Rat >> Turn On Your Lovelight6:45
09-18-1987Grateful Dead1987-09-1822Space >> All Along the Watchtower6:05
03-27-1988Grateful Dead1988-03-2729Space > 6:00
03-27-1988Grateful Dead1988-03-2732Space >> I Need a Miracle5:54
03-27-1988Grateful Dead1988-03-2729Space > 6:07
03-27-1988Grateful Dead1988-03-2732Drumz >> I Need a Miracle5:54
03-25-1990Grateful DeadDozin' at the Knick39I Will Take You Home >> Black Peter6:53
03-24-1993Grateful Dead1993-03-2424Spanish Jam >> Throwing Stones17:25
06-04-1998The Other Ones1998-06-0416Loser 8:41
12-31-1998The All Star Jam1998-12-3116Only the Strange RemainFriend of the Devil7:55
04-17-1999Phil & Friends1999-04-1732Morning Dew> We Bid You Goodnight11:17
08-17-1999Phil & Friends1999-08-1726Jam >> We Bid You Goodnight10:36
Goin' to the Races (1)    [Carter Stanley]
11-04-1973Old & in the Way1973-11-0411 Catfish John2:20
Going Away (1)
11-26-1994Eric Clapton1994-11-2617Blues All Day LongStandin' Around Cryin'5:23
Gomorrah (2)    [Garcia/Hunter]
04-10-1982 (early)Jerry Garcia (solo)1982-04-10a14Oh Babe, It Ain't No LieDire Wolf5:27
??-??-1990Jerry Garcia BandHow Sweet It Is18ThinkTore Up Over You6:38
Gone Home (1)    [Bill Carlisle]
12-04-1987Jerry Garcia Band1987-12-0417Oh, the Wind & RainIf I Lose5:09
Good Lovin' (32)    [Arthur Resnick/Rudy Clark]
09-29-1969 (early)Grateful Dead1969-09-29a15Drums >> St. Stephen2:23
09-29-1969 (early)Grateful Dead1969-09-29a13The Seven >> Drums1:28
11-08-1969Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1619Mama TriedCumberland Blues9:18
12-31-1969Grateful Dead1969-12-3127Feedback >> Drums1:53
02-13-1970 (early)Grateful Dead1970-02-13a13Beat it on Down the LineMama Tried9:02
05-02-1970Grateful DeadDick's Picks #828Casey Jones 15:10
09-18-1970Grateful Dead1970-09-1815Not Fade Away >That's It for the Other One12:57
09-20-1970Grateful Dead1970-09-2026Sittin' on Top of the WorldBig Boy Pete3:38
02-19-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1932(tuning)Casey Jones18:42
04-15-1971Grateful DeadDP13 Vault Release Party24Playin' in the BandHey Little One20:57
04-22-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2225Drums >Johnny B. Goode 
04-22-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2225Sing Me Back Home> Drums19:23
05-03-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-0321 Sing Me Back Home16:16
05-11-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-1121 Casey Jones12:14
05-05-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0533Fire on the Mountain >(crowd noise)5:52
05-09-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0922Bertha >Ship of Fools6:15
09-03-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1522Bertha >> Loser6:00
10-01-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-01111Bertha >  
10-29-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-2922Bertha >Friend of the Devil5:41
12-27-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-2712Bertha >Brown-Eyed Women5:08
12-29-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1022Bertha >Playin' in the Band6:51
02-05-1978Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1812Bertha >Cold Rain & Snow6:15
07-08-1978Grateful Dead1978-07-0812Bertha >Dire Wolf7:09
10-18-1978Grateful Dead1978-10-1822Bertha >From the Heart of Me7:22
05-06-1981Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1338Wharf Rat >Don't Ease Me In7:46
04-19-1982Grateful Dead1982-04-1935Around & Around >Brokedown Palace9:25
09-18-1987Grateful Dead1987-09-1827La Bamba >Knockin' on Heaven's Door3:08
09-18-1987Grateful Dead1987-09-1825Morning Dew >> La Bamba4:17
03-23-1995Grateful Dead1995-03-2333Days Between >The Weight8:48
12-26-1998KVHW1998-12-2626Footprints 8:30
12-26-1998KVHW1998-12-2631 Hillbillies on PCP15:50
12-31-1998The All Star Jam1998-12-31110Johnny B. Goode 9:17
Good Morning Little School Girl (6)    [John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson]
07-16-1966Grateful Dead1966-07-16/1718Cold Rain & SnowIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue10:21
09-03-1967Grateful Dead1967-09-0314Cold Rain & SnowViola Lee Blues10:36
02-11-1969 (early)Grateful Dead1969-02-1111 Cryptical Envelopment9:19
02-27-1969Grateful Dead1969-02-2711 Doin' That Rag11:43
02-28-1969Grateful Dead1969-02-2812Morning DewDoin' That Rag10:50
11-08-1969Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1611 Casey Jones13:33
Good Times (1)    [Sam Cooke]
04-02-1999String Cheese Incident1999-04-0213Born on the Wrong PlanetOn the Road5:31
Good Times Around the Bend (1)    [Bill Nershi]
12-31-1998String Cheese Incident1998-12-31a13Lester Had a CoconutThe Hobo Song3:54
Grazin' in the Grass (1)    [Hugh Masekela]
04-02-1999String Cheese Incident1999-04-0223Roll OverThat's What Love Will Make You Do8:09
Greatest Story Ever Told (19)    [Weir/Hunter/Hart]
02-18-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1815Loser> Johnny B. Goode3:51
02-19-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1922(tuning)> Johnny B. Goode4:11
02-20-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-2025Next Time You See Me> Johnny B. Goode4:09
04-22-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2222I Know You Rider> Beat it on Down the Line2:48
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2939I Know You RiderJohnny B. Goode2:48
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2938I Know You Rider> Johnny B. Goode2:47
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2926Cold Rain & Snow> Johnny B. Goode2:47
05-03-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-0324Casey JonesRamble On Rose4:42
08-27-1972Grateful Dead1972-08-2726Bird Song 5:37
08-27-1972Grateful Dead1972-08-2728(stage announcements) 5:32
09-27-1972Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1127DealRamble On Rose5:29
12-18-1973Grateful Dead1973-12-1827Bertha >Row Jimmy5:00
05-19-1974Grateful Dead1974-05-1923Bertha >Weather Report Suite5:28
06-16-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1635DealShip of Fools5:31
06-22-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-2213BerthaDeal5:37
05-06-1981Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1312Alabama Getaway >They Love Each Other4:25
10-14-1983Grateful DeadDick's Picks #612Alabama Getaway >They Love Each Other4:53
07-08-1990Grateful DeadView from the Vault12Touch of Grey >Jack-A-Roe4:44
06-20-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-2012Touch of Grey >Peggy-O5:44
Greensleeves (1)    [Traditional]
11-03-1961John Coltrane1961-11-0314India 5:00
Gypsy Eyes (1)
04-??-1968Jimi Hendrix1968-04-??16Cherokee Mist Jam > 3:09

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