Song List - H

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NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

Show DateBandTitleDiscTrackBeforeAfterLength
Haddon Hill (1)
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-31116JacquelineFalling Star2:16
Hard to Handle (11)    [Redding/Jones/Isabell]
12-31-1969Grateful Dead1969-12-3117Black PeterMe & My Uncle6:39
02-13-1970 (early)Grateful Dead1970-02-13a16Black PeterSt. Stephen6:37
02-18-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1818Mama Tried 7:58
02-20-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-2013Me & My UncleBertha8:39
04-22-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2217Cumberland BluesDeal10:12
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2824DealCryptical Envelopment9:19
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2827Deal 12:14
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2917Dark HollowMorning Dew8:53
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2921 Ripple10:15
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2921 Ripple10:36
08-14-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-14110Playin' in the BandCumberland Blues7:30
The Harder They Come (2)    [Jimmy Cliff]
02-09-1974Gacia & Saunders1974-02-0917The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 14:27
05-21-1975Legion of Mary1975-05-2124Mississippi MoonJam #821:13
He Was a Friend of Mine (1)    [Bob Dylan]
12-07-1968Grateful Dead1968-12-0722RosemaryIt Hurts Me Too6:06
He's Gone (19)    [Garcia/Hunter]
05-03-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-03110Beat it on Down the LineNext Time You See Me7:15
08-27-1972Grateful Dead1972-08-2723Playin' in the BandJack Straw11:38
08-27-1972Grateful Dead1972-08-2723(stage announcements)(stage banter)8:45
09-27-1972Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1124Playin' in the BandMe & My Uncle13:31
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1034Dark Star >> Wharf Rat13:41
12-02-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1443Jam >> Truckin'10:27
12-19-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #121 > Truckin'10:48
08-06-1974Grateful Dead1974-08-0642Sugar Magnolia >> Truckin'12:08
05-21-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-2126Estimated Prophet > 15:51
09-03-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1531 > Not Fade Away14:19
12-27-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-2726Estimated Prophet > 9:52
12-26-1979Grateful DeadDick's Picks #524Jam >> The Other One10:03
12-26-1979Grateful DeadDick Latvala Tribute37Brokedown PalaceDavid Gans talks about Dick10:09
05-06-1981Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1331 > Spanish Jam11:53
11-06-1987Grateful Dead1987-11-0623Hell in a Bucket> Drums12:07
06-23-1988Grateful Dead1988-06-2322Man Smart, Woman Smarter> Drumz11:41
07-06-1990Grateful DeadView from the Vault38Standing on the Moon >> Jam9:41
09-16-1990Grateful DeadDick's Picks #924Looks Like Rain> No MSG Jam16:26
06-20-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-2025Standing on the Moon >> Drums10:08
Hear My Train a-Comin' (1)
04-??-1968Jimi Hendrix1968-04-??14Cherokee Mist JamVoodoo Chile2:05
Heaven Help the Fool (2)    [Weir/Barlow]
10-11-1980Grateful Dead1980-10-1118China DollOh Babe, It Ain't No Lie6:14
??-??-1988Bob Weir & Rob WassermanBob Weir Rob Wasserman Live112Shade of GreyBlue Sky Bop7:08
Hell in a Bucket (7)    [Weir/Barlow]
10-14-1983Grateful DeadDick's Picks #619Tennessee Jed> Keep Your Day Job5:53
07-15-1984Grateful Dead1984-07-1517Ramble On Rose 6:35
04-11-1987Grateful Dead1987-04-1111 > Sugaree6:01
11-06-1987Grateful Dead1987-11-0622Scarlet Begonias >He's Gone6:11
03-26-1990Grateful DeadDozin' at the Knick11 Dupree's Diamond Blues6:58
09-16-1990Grateful DeadDick's Picks #911 Cold Rain & Snow7:03
12-31-1990Grateful Dead1990-12-3113White Wheeled LimoJack-A-Roe7:17
Hello Old Friend (1)    [Eric Clapton]
04-15-1999Phil & Friends1999-04-1511 Viola Lee Blues4:36
Help on the Way (12)    [Garcia/Hunter]
02-26-1977Grateful Dead1977-02-2631 > Slipknot!5:49
05-09-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0911 > Slipknot!12:50
05-22-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #317Dancin' in the Streets> Slipknot!5:24
04-26-1983Grateful Dead1983-04-2621 > Slipknot!3:51
03-30-1990Grateful DeadWithout a Net25Victim or the Crime> Slipknot!18:58
03-30-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-3012Intro> Slipknot!3:33
09-10-1991Grateful Dead1991-09-1022(tuning)> Slipknot!21:23
09-25-1991Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1711 > Slipknot!4:15
10-31-1991Grateful Dead1991-10-3111 > Slipknot!4:52
04-16-1999Phil & Friends1999-04-1611 > Slipknot!6:28
08-12-1999Phil & Friends1999-08-1226Organ & Blood Donor Info> Slipknot!4:42
01-01-2000Keller Williams2000-01-0124Thin Mint >> Wedge 
Helplessly Hoping (1)
07-07-1973Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1973-07-0711 Wooden Ships4:02
Henry (2)    [John Dawson]
04-28-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-28112ConnectionThe Weight5:13
04-29-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-2915Sailing SongDirty Business4:24
Here Comes Sunshine (9)    [Garcia/Hunter]
02-09-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-09114El Paso 9:34
02-15-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-1523Casey JonesEl Paso9:48
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1031 Around & Around11:01
11-14-1973Grateful Dead1973-11-1415Mexicali BluesBlack-Throated Wind12:50
11-30-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1421 Weather Report Suite - Prelude11:54
12-19-1973Grateful DeadDick Latvala Tribute110DP1 Interview (10-05-93) 9:57
12-19-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #111 Big River14:13
03-24-1993Grateful Dead1993-03-2418Let it GrowPlayin' in the Band6:54
03-17-1995Grateful Dead1995-03-1711 Wang Dang Doodle6:19
Hey Jude (3)    [Lennon/McCartney]
02-11-1969 (early)Grateful Dead1969-02-1118Turn On Your Lovelight 8:23
03-22-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-2232The Other One >> Dear Mr. Fantasy4:53
03-22-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-2234Dear Mr. Fantasy >> Sugar Magnolia4:24
Hey Little One (1)    [Burnette / Vorzon]
??-??-1966Grateful DeadDP13 Vault Release Party25Good Lovin'Let it Grow5:11
Hey Pocky Way (4)    [Traditional]
06-23-1988Grateful Dead1988-06-2319The Promised LandBelieve It Or Not6:05
03-31-1989Grateful DeadSo Many Roads (1965 - 1995)42CassidyBelieve It Or Not6:05
10-24-1998String Cheese Incident1998-10-2415Road HomeDon't Say10:29
10-31-1999String Cheese Incident1999-10-3143Restless WindBird Song8:22
High Time (6)    [Garcia/Hunter]
11-08-1969Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1617I Know You Rider >Mama Tried7:48
12-31-1969Grateful Dead1969-12-3131 Cumberland Blues9:26
02-14-1970 (late)Grateful DeadDick's Picks #416I Know You Rider >> Dire Wolf6:51
05-06-1981Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1322Minglewood Blues> Lost Sailor9:49
09-10-1991Grateful Dead1991-09-1015Black-Throated WindCassidy9:08
01-01-2000Keller Williams2000-01-0119Not of this EarthLoup5:08
High-Heel Sneakers (1)    [Robert Higgenbotham]
09-11-1998Keller Williams1998-09-1119Lonely AvenueFire on the Mountain6:36
Hillbillies on PCP (1)
12-26-1998KVHW1998-12-2632Good Lovin'City of Tiny Lights9:38
The Hobo Song (3)    [Jack Bonus]
11-04-1973Old & in the Way1973-11-04110Fanny HillWild Horses5:15
08-09-1997 (late)String Cheese Incident1997-08-09b19Walls of Time 6:10
12-31-1998String Cheese Incident1998-12-31a14Good Times Around the BendElvis' Wild Ride7:29
Hokey Pokey (1)
03-03-1992 (early)Richard Thompson1992-03-03/0411 (tuning)2:16
Hold What You Got (4)    [Jimmy Martin]
03-20-1997String Cheese Incident1997-03-2031 Born on the Wrong Planet3:13
08-09-1997 (late)String Cheese Incident1997-08-09b12Mouna BowaLonesome Fiddle Blues3:25
10-24-1998String Cheese Incident1998-10-2425SmileParker's Blues4:09
04-19-1999String Cheese Incident1999-04-1922Black CloudsMinor Swing6:41
Home From the Forest (1)
01-23-1988The Acoustic Allstars1988-01-2316Cincinnati RagPoor Richard's Blues4:56
Honky Tonk Woman (2)    [Jagger / Richards]
04-28-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-2824Fun, Fun, Fun 5:17
04-29-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-2924Louisiana Lady 7:17
Hoochie Coochie Man (1)
11-26-1994Eric Clapton1994-11-2619Standin' Around Cryin'It Hurts Me Too3:54
Hooker River (1)
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-3122Blue Roses> Thunder Road7:16
House of the Rising Sun (1)
02-??-1994Garcia, Grisman & Rice1994-02-??114So What > 3:30
How Long Blues (1)
11-26-1994Eric Clapton1994-11-2613Malted MilkKidman Blues3:34
How Mountain Girls Can Love (3)    [Stanley Brothers]
12-31-1998String Cheese Incident1998-12-3118Born on the Wrong Planet 4:56
04-19-1999String Cheese Incident1999-04-1924Minor Swing 3:35
05-21-1999String Cheese Incident1999-05-2112Born on the Wrong Planet >My Latin Tune5:42
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (3)    [Holland/Dozier/Holland]
05-21-1975Legion of Mary1975-05-2126Jam #8 2:54
02-14-1976Jerry Garcia Band1976-02-1427Moonlight Mile 8:46
??-??-1990Jerry Garcia BandHow Sweet It Is11 Tough Mama6:20
Human Highway (1)
07-07-1973Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1973-07-0716Roll Another NumberDreamland4:07
Hyperactive Jam (1)
05-16-1999David Gans1999-05-16110We Bid You Goodnight >Leave Me 

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