Song List - K

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NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

Show DateBandTitleDiscTrackBeforeAfterLength
K.C. Moan (2)
??-??-1988Bob Weir & Rob WassermanBob Weir Rob Wasserman Live14The WinnersVictim or the Crime3:53
09-24-1994Grateful Dead1994-09-2413Lazy River RoadDupree's Diamond Blues7:40
Kashmir (2)
03-12-1999David Gans & Vince Welnick1999-03-1212Intro(conversation)13:32
10-31-1999String Cheese Incident1999-10-3122Jam >(Lester)10:37
Keep Your Day Job (1)    [Garcia/Hunter]
10-14-1983Grateful DeadDick's Picks #6110Hell in a Bucket > 5:57
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning (1)
12-31-1969Hot Tuna1969-12-3113Candy ManNew Song (For the Morning)5:44
Keep on Growing (1)    [Eric Clapton/Bobby Whitlock]
02-14-1986Grateful Dead1986-02-1419Let it Grow 4:52
Kidman Blues (1)
11-26-1994Eric Clapton1994-11-2614How Long BluesThe County Jail Blues2:46
Killerman Gold Posse (1)
03-03-1992 (late)Richard Thompson1992-03-03/0417Long Black VeilLoch Lomond2:24
King of the Hill (5)
07-28-1998Bruce Hornsby1998-07-2812Intro> Mountain Jam6:19
07-28-1998Bruce Hornsby1998-07-2814Mountain Jam >(conversation)1:19
11-06-1998 (early)Bruce Hornsby1998-11-0615Fortunate Son> Baby Hold Onto Me17:29
11-06-1998 (early)Bruce Hornsby1998-11-0615Surry with a Fringe On Top >Intro 
??-??-1998Bruce Hornsby1991-09-1035It's All Over Now, Baby Blue> Across the Great Divide8:28
Knockin' on Heaven's Door (4)    [Bob Dylan]
05-21-1976Jerry Garcia BandDon't Let Go14That's What Love Will Make You DoSitting Here In Limbo11:07
09-18-1987Grateful Dead1987-09-1828Good Lovin'Me & My Uncle8:31
07-08-1990Grateful DeadView from the Vault36Turn On Your LovelightStanding on the Moon7:07
02-??-1994Garcia, Grisman & Rice1994-02-??111Little SadieJam5:34

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