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NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

Show DateBandTitleDiscTrackBeforeAfterLength
Pain in My Heart (1)    [Otis Redding/Phil Walden]
07-16-1966Grateful Dead1966-07-16/1713Don't Ease Me InMinglewood Blues4:15
Panama Red (3)    [Peter Rowan]
11-04-1973Old & in the Way1973-11-0417Jerry's BreakdownPig in a Pen2:57
05-08-1998String Cheese Incident1998-05-0823Jaws Jam >On the Road3:22
06-15-1999String Cheese Incident1999-06-1515MLTDawn of Creation2:57
Parisian Thoroughfare (1)
07-28-1998Bruce Hornsby1998-07-2826I Know You Rider >> Bach's 2 Part Invention #82:36
Parker's Blues (1)    [Kyle Hollingsworth]
10-24-1998String Cheese Incident1998-10-2426Hold What You Got 6:14
Passapatanzy (1)
01-01-2000Keller Williams2000-01-0116Sunny RainTake Five Medley3:21
Passenger (4)    [Phil Lesh/Peter Monk]
05-21-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-21110Row Jimmy 3:31
10-01-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-0117DealTennessee Jed4:12
12-27-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-2718Dire WolfCandyman3:35
02-05-1978Grateful DeadDick's Picks #18110Brown-Eyed WomenDeal5:41
Peggy-O (14)    [Traditional]
12-18-1973Grateful Dead1973-12-1819Beat it on Down the LineEl Paso5:41
05-19-1974Grateful Dead1974-05-1927Big River 7:08
09-25-1976Grateful DeadDick's Picks #2017Mama TriedLoser9:41
03-18-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1816Minglewood BluesCassidy10:27
05-05-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0523(tuning)(tuning)7:46
05-07-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0715Jack StrawMinglewood Blues9:25
05-09-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0918Big RiverSunrise7:32
09-03-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1517Looks Like RainMinglewood Blues9:18
10-01-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-01110Minglewood BluesThe Music Never Stopped9:27
12-27-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-2715CassidyLooks Like Rain6:40
04-16-1978Grateful Dead1978-04-1614CassidyMexicali Blues7:42
10-18-1978Grateful Dead1978-10-1814Big RiverLooks Like Rain8:11
04-19-1982Grateful Dead1982-04-1914On the Road AgainCassidy8:32
06-20-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-2013Greatest Story Ever ToldMexicali Blues9:07
Philo Stomp (1)
10-28-1972Grateful DeadDick Latvala Tribute34Dark Star >> Jam 
Picasso Moon (3)    [Weir/Barlow/Bralove]
03-22-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-2217The Last TimeDon't Ease Me In7:31
03-30-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-3019Just Like Tom Thumb's BluesDon't Ease Me In7:51
06-10-1990Grateful Dead1990-06-1016Row JimmyTennessee Jed7:11
Piece of My Heart (1)
04-01-1969Janis Joplin1969-04-0117Ball and Chain >  
Pig in a Pen (1)    [Traditional]
11-04-1973Old & in the Way1973-11-0418Panama RedFanny Hill2:59
Pirates (2)    [Michael Kang]
08-09-1997 (late)String Cheese Incident1997-08-09b28(conversation)San Jose9:34
10-31-1999String Cheese Incident1999-10-31212(Lester) 12:11
Playin' Jam (3)    [Weir/Hart/Hunter]
12-29-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1027China Doll >> Drums1:40
06-10-1990Grateful Dead1990-06-1024Crazy Fingers >> Drums 
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-3132Uncle John's Band >> We Bid You Goodnight1:16
Playin' in the Band (60)    [Weir/Hart/Hunter]
02-18-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1826Casey JonesMe and Bobby McGee7:23
02-19-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1917BerthaDark Hollow5:21
02-20-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-2015BerthaBird Song4:50
04-22-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2215LoserCumberland Blues5:06
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2817Bird SongCumberland Blues7:06
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2817Bird SongCumberland Blues5:07
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2918Bird SongLoser7:28
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2917Bird SongLoser7:23
08-14-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-1419Brokedown PalaceHard to Handle4:37
08-15-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-1512Big Railroad BluesMr. Charlie5:43
04-26-1972Grateful DeadHundred Year Hall18Big Railroad BluesTurn On Your Lovelight9:17
05-03-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-03112Next Time You See Me 10:59
05-11-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-1111 Sugaree10:27
08-27-1972Grateful Dead1972-08-2722IntroHe's Gone20:45
08-27-1972Grateful Dead1972-08-2721 (stage announcements)18:38
09-27-1972Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1123I Know You RiderHe's Gone16:14
10-18-1972Grateful Dead1972-10-1827Morning Dew > 5:13
10-18-1972Grateful Dead1972-10-1823I Know You Rider> Drums15:56
02-09-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-0921 (conversation)18:39
02-15-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-1521 Casey Jones15:24
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1022Bird SongEyes of the World17:50
11-30-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1418They Love Each Other 23:18
12-02-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1441 > Jam12:09
12-19-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #116Big Railroad Blues 21:11
02-24-1974Grateful Dead1974-02-2421 Cumberland Blues18:55
06-16-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1631 Tennessee Jed29:11
06-22-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-2221 China Cat Sunflower28:41
06-30-1974Grateful DeadDP13 Vault Release Party21 > Uncle John's Band18:29
06-30-1974Grateful DeadDP13 Vault Release Party23Uncle John's Band >Good Lovin'5:35
08-06-1974Grateful Dead1974-08-0621 > Scarlet Begonias22:40
08-06-1974Grateful Dead1974-08-0623Scarlet Begonias >Seastones5:49
09-11-1974Grateful DeadDick's Picks #718Tennessee Jed 23:31
09-28-1976Grateful DeadDick's Picks #2041 > The Wheel10:40
09-28-1976Grateful DeadDick's Picks #20410Dancin' in the Streets >Johnny B. Goode5:06
02-26-1977Grateful Dead1977-02-2622Deal> The Wheel14:43
02-26-1977Grateful Dead1977-02-2624The Wheel >Samson & Delilah2:55
03-19-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1924Samson & Delilah > 11:31
03-19-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1922Terrapin Station >> Samson & Delilah12:25
10-02-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-0232Funiculi Funicula> Drums9:11
12-29-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #10210Not Fade Away > 4:48
12-29-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1023Good Lovin'> China Cat Sunflower15:48
02-03-1978Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1825The Wheel >Johnny B. Goode9:02
02-03-1978Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1823Eyes of the World >> The Wheel24:35
10-18-1978Grateful Dead1978-10-1832Terrapin Station >> Drumz11:09
07-15-1984Grateful Dead1984-07-1524I Know You Rider> Uncle John's Band9:42
07-02-1988Grateful Dead1988-07-0222Crazy Fingers> Uncle John's Band9:51
07-29-1988Grateful DeadSo Many Roads (1965 - 1995)44Believe It Or NotGentleman, Start Your Engines12:26
03-24-1990Grateful DeadDozin' at the Knick21 > Uncle John's Band10:11
03-30-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-3023Iko Iko> China Doll9:42
06-10-1990Grateful Dead1990-06-1023Eyes of the World >> Crazy Fingers8:32
09-25-1991Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1732That Would Be Something >> China Doll5:23
09-25-1991Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1723Crazy Fingers >> Terrapin Station9:22
03-24-1993Grateful Dead1993-03-2419Here Comes Sunshine> Box of Rain6:45
03-24-1993Grateful Dead1993-03-2421Crazy Fingers >> Drumz 
06-04-1998The Other Ones1998-06-0427Friend of the Devil> Drums13:56
06-04-1998The Other Ones1998-06-0433Banyan Tree >St. Stephen5:48
07-13-1998The Other OnesThe Strange Remain21 The Other One11:58
12-31-1998Ratdog1998-12-3112Auld Lang Syne >> Queen Jane Approximately9:08
08-14-1999Phil & Friends1999-08-1426Terrapin Station >Ripple3:23
08-14-1999Phil & Friends1999-08-1411 > Round the Wheel19:02
Point of No Return (2)
12-26-1998KVHW1998-12-2622Spring Water(conversation)22:27
12-31-1998KVHW1998-12-3133It's Your Thing> City of Tiny Lights22:13
Politician (1)
10-19-1968Cream1967-03-03111Sunshine of Your Love 6:36
Poncho & Lefty (1)
10-22-1999David Gans1999-10-2212Waltzing Across Texas> Things We Said Today10:47
Poonk (1)
12-26-1998KVHW1998-12-2616Down at the Wetlands >(conversation)13:28
Poor Richard's Blues (1)
01-23-1988The Acoustic Allstars1988-01-2317Home From the ForestMolly and Tenbrooks5:01
Portland Women (1)    [John Dawson]
04-29-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-2921 > Last Lonely Eagle7:32
Powder Finger (1)
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-31212(tuning)Terrapin Station3:21
Power of Soul (1)
12-26-1998KVHW1998-12-2619(tuning)(House Music)5:57
Preacher in the Ring (1)
06-04-1998The Other Ones1998-06-0431 > Banyan Tree7:56
Prince Caspian (1)
04-16-1999Phil & Friends1999-04-1623BerthaSt. Stephen13:31
The Prison Song (1)
07-07-1973Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1973-07-0719So It GoesLong Time Gone4:17
Prisoner Blues (1)
10-30-1968Mickey Hart & The Hartbeats1968-10-3023Bishop's BluesJam10:02
The Promised Land (32)    [Chuck Berry]
08-14-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-14113Loser 2:56
08-15-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-1516SugareeBig Boss Man3:27
08-27-1972Grateful Dead1972-08-2712IntroSugaree3:33
08-27-1972Grateful Dead1972-08-2712(stage announcements)Sugaree3:36
09-27-1972Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1134Attics of My LifeUncle John's Band3:04
10-18-1972Grateful Dead1972-10-1832DealBrokedown Palace3:13
02-09-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-0911 Row Jimmy3:09
02-15-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-1534China DollSugaree3:01
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1044That's Alright MamaNot Fade Away4:43
12-18-1973Grateful Dead1973-12-1825I Know You RiderBertha3:47
02-24-1974Grateful Dead1974-02-2436Ship of Fools 3:39
05-19-1974Grateful Dead1974-05-1921 > Bertha3:13
06-18-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1811 It Must Have Been the Roses5:08
06-18-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1811 It Must Have Been the Roses3:30
06-22-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-2211 > Bertha3:23
06-28-1974Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1234U.S. Blues> Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad3:01
08-06-1974Grateful Dead1974-08-06110(conversation)Deal3:18
06-11-1976Grateful Dead1976-06-11310Brown-Eyed Women 3:15
02-26-1977Grateful Dead1977-02-2634Franklin's TowerEyes of the World4:14
03-18-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1811 Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo4:22
05-05-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0511(tuning)(tuning) 
09-03-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1512IntroThey Love Each Other5:08
10-01-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-0111 They Love Each Other1:10
12-29-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1019Sugaree 4:35
07-08-1978Grateful Dead1978-07-0818Ramble On RoseDeal4:55
12-26-1979Grateful DeadDick's Picks #5111Alabama Getaway > 4:26
06-23-1988Grateful Dead1988-06-2318Bird SongHey Pocky Way4:43
06-10-1990Grateful Dead1990-06-1018Tennessee Jed > 5:02
12-31-1990Grateful Dead1990-12-3119Bird Song 4:55
06-19-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-1916Ramble On Rose 5:37
10-01-1994Grateful Dead1994-10-01113So Many Roads 4:34
10-01-1994Grateful Dead1987-09-18213So Many Roads > 4:34
Promontory Rider (1)    [Robert Hunter]
12-??-1990Robert HunterBox of Rain19DealRipple4:58
Proof (1)    [Happy Rhodes]
09-04-1999Happy Rhodes1999-09-0415Hamster DanceRa is a Busy God4:43
Purple Haze (1)
07-17-1970Jimi Hendrix1970-07-17111Star-Spangled Banner >Voodoo Chile4:10

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