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NOTE: Songs in BOLD indicate that this is my favorite version of the song, while songs in ITALICS indicate that I believe that this is an exceptional version of the song.

Show DateBandTitleDiscTrackBeforeAfterLength
Take Me Out to the Ballgame (1)
09-30-1969Grateful Dead1969-09-3013The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down >Alligator 
Tales of Brave Ulysses (1)
12-??-1967Cream1967-03-0317SpoonfulSunshine of Your Love3:46
Talk of the Town (1)
07-28-1998Bruce Hornsby1998-07-28215Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys > 5:47
Tangled Hangers (1)
08-14-1999Phil & Friends1999-08-1415New Potato Caboose > 10:57
Tear My Stillhouse Down (1)
10-22-1999David Gans1999-10-2216River & DrownFriend of the Devil4:06
Tears of Rage (2)    [Bob Dylan]
??-??-1990Jerry Garcia BandHow Sweet It Is16Cats Under the StarsThink7:54
03-04-1992 (late)Richard Thompson1992-03-03/04119Mystery Train> Desolation Row4:01
Tell My Feet I Made it Home (1)
07-08-1999Keller Williams1999-10-3146Loup >Breathe 
Tellin' My Friends (1)
07-08-1979Reconstruction1979-07-0821 The Jealous Kind4:41
Temple Caves (1)
12-31-1998Planet Drum1998-12-3115IntroductionBaba Jingo6:34
Tennessee Jed (29)    [Garcia/Hunter]
05-11-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-1127El PasoNext Time You See Me7:54
09-27-1972Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1115Black-Throated WindMexicali Blues8:09
02-15-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-1515Mexicali BluesLooks Like Rain7:49
11-14-1973Grateful Dead1973-11-1421 El Paso7:47
12-18-1973Grateful Dead1973-12-1811 Me & My Uncle8:27
06-16-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1632Playin' in the BandMe & My Uncle8:11
06-18-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1832Big RiverSugar Magnolia8:24
06-18-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1832Big RiverSugar Magnolia9:15
09-11-1974Grateful DeadDick's Picks #717Beat it on Down the LinePlayin' in the Band7:59
06-11-1976Grateful Dead1976-06-1113Mama TriedCassidy10:34
07-18-1976Grateful Dead1976-07-1817Looks Like RainMinglewood Blues9:17
09-28-1976Grateful DeadDick's Picks #2034CassidyMinglewood Blues8:37
02-26-1977Grateful Dead1977-02-2626Samson & DelilahThe Music Never Stopped8:48
03-19-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1917Looks Like RainEstimated Prophet8:18
05-05-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0518(tuning)(tuning)9:01
05-07-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0721 The Music Never Stopped8:06
05-09-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0916Mexicali BluesBig River8:16
05-21-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-2117Jack StrawMinglewood Blues9:12
10-01-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-0118PassengerMinglewood Blues8:29
12-29-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1016Looks Like RainMinglewood Blues9:09
12-31-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-3112The Music Never StoppedFuniculi Funicula9:34
10-14-1983Grateful DeadDick's Picks #618C.C. RiderHell in a Bucket8:33
03-15-1990Grateful DeadTerrapin Station Limited17Just Like Tom Thumb's BluesCassidy9:17
06-10-1990Grateful Dead1990-06-1017Picasso Moon> The Promised Land7:53
09-16-1990Grateful DeadDick's Picks #916Queen Jane ApproximatelyCassidy10:35
09-25-1991Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1718Queen Jane Approximately> The Music Never Stopped7:50
03-24-1993Grateful Dead1993-03-2416(Stuck Inside of Mobile with the) Memphis Blues AgainLet it Grow8:04
11-06-1998 (early)Bruce Hornsby1998-11-0623Loser(conversation)10:40
04-16-1999Phil & Friends1999-04-1615Wish You Were HereStella Blue9:47
Terrapin Station (26)    [Garcia/Hunter]
02-26-1977Grateful Dead1977-02-2611 Minglewood Blues11:04
03-18-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1824Estimated Prophet> At a Siding11:52
03-19-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1921 > Playin' in the Band10:24
05-07-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0723The Music Never Stopped> Samson & Delilah11:57
05-22-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #326Wharf Rat >> Morning Dew5:58
09-03-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1534Truckin' 11:02
12-29-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1031 Johnny B. Goode10:29
07-08-1978Grateful Dead1978-07-0835Sugar Magnolia> One More Saturday Night10:44
10-18-1978Grateful Dead1978-10-1831 > Playin' in the Band12:54
04-19-1982Grateful Dead1982-04-1924Estimated Prophet >> Drumz11:33
02-14-1986Grateful Dead1986-02-1423Lady With a Fan >> Drums6:15
12-31-1986Grateful Dead1986-12-3125Samson & Delilah> Drums13:52
04-11-1987Grateful Dead1987-04-1121 > Drums11:29
09-18-1987Grateful Dead1987-09-1813Man Smart, Woman Smarter >> Drums13:19
07-02-1988Grateful Dead1988-07-0224Uncle John's Band >> Drumz11:43
03-15-1990Grateful DeadTerrapin Station Limited24Samson & Delilah >> Mock Turtle Jam14:23
03-24-1990Grateful DeadDozin' at the Knick24Lady With a Fan >> Mud Love Buddy Jam6:32
03-30-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-3026Uncle John's Band > 13:01
07-08-1990Grateful DeadView from the Vault24Estimated Prophet >> Jam14:56
09-12-1991Grateful DeadSo Many Roads (1965 - 1995)51 Jam Out of Foolish Heart12:38
09-25-1991Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1724Playin' in the Band >> Jam12:45
07-28-1998Bruce Hornsby1998-07-2834Fields of Gray >> Fields of Gray 
04-17-1999Phil & Friends1999-04-1722Bird Song> Down With Disease21:16
08-14-1999Phil & Friends1999-08-1425The Wheel >> Playin' in the Band14:58
10-22-1999David Gans1999-10-2215Sovereign Soul> River & Drown10:47
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-31213Powder Finger> Attics of My Life11:21
Texas (5)    [Bill Nershi]
03-20-1997String Cheese Incident1997-03-2036Blackberry Blossom> I Know You Rider11:52
05-08-1998String Cheese Incident1998-05-0828Big Sciota 17:37
12-31-1998String Cheese Incident1998-12-3125Little Hands >Big Sciota14:39
02-05-1999String Cheese Incident1999-02-0531 > Johnny Cash14:53
04-02-1999String Cheese Incident1999-04-0231 John Hardy17:27
That High Lonesome Sound (1)    [Peter Rowan]
06-15-1999String Cheese Incident1999-06-1517Dawn of CreationRound the Wheel4:23
That Would Be Something (1)    [Paul McCartney]
09-25-1991Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1731 > Playin' in the Band3:51
That's Alright Mama (1)    [Arthur Cruddup]
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1043It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to CryThe Promised Land13:40
That's It for the Other One (4)    [Weir/Kreutzmann]
02-22-1969Grateful Dead1969-02-2214Dark Star >> Death Don't Have No Mercy19:29
02-27-1969Grateful DeadSo Many Roads (1965 - 1995)21 Beautiful Jam20:55
02-13-1970 (late)Grateful DeadDick's Picks #421 > Turn On Your Lovelight30:07
10-31-1970 (late)Grateful Dead1970-09-1816Good Lovin'Beat it on Down the Line21:06
That's What Love Will Make You Do (8)    [Henderson Thigpen, James Banks & Eddy Marion]
05-21-1975Legion of Mary1975-05-2116Tough Mama 11:55
05-21-1976Jerry Garcia BandDon't Let Go13They Love Each OtherKnockin' on Heaven's Door9:56
07-08-1979Reconstruction1979-07-0823The Jealous KindFast Tone12:06
??-??-1990Jerry Garcia BandHow Sweet It Is13Tough MamaSomeday Baby8:03
05-08-1998String Cheese Incident1998-05-0812Remington Ride> Lester Had a Coconut10:28
02-05-1999String Cheese Incident1999-02-0533Johnny Cash 10:24
04-02-1999String Cheese Incident1999-04-0224Grazin' in the GrassDudley's Kitchen8:53
04-19-1999String Cheese Incident1999-04-1932Blue BossaClimb8:31
The Eleven Jam (2)
10-30-1968Mickey Hart & The Hartbeats1968-10-3015Other One Jam> Death Don't Have No Mercy12:12
12-07-1968Grateful Dead1968-12-0713St. Stephen >Death Don't Have No Mercy7:49
The Jealous Kind (1)
07-08-1979Reconstruction1979-07-0822Tellin' My FriendsThat's What Love Will Make You Do5:03
The Land Down Under (1)
10-31-1999String Cheese Incident1999-10-31210(Lester)(Lester)2:09
The Main Ten (1)    [Mickey Hart]
11-08-1969Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1632Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) >> Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)3:10
The Same Thing (1)    [Willie Dixon]
03-18-1967Grateful DeadSo Many Roads (1965 - 1995)17I Know You RiderDark Star11:40
The Seven (1)
09-29-1969 (early)Grateful Dead1969-09-29a12Doin' That Rag >> Good Lovin'7:15
The Way You Do The Things You Do (1)    [Robinson]
05-21-1976Jerry Garcia BandDon't Let Go25I'll Take a MelodyMy Sisters and Brothers7:12
The Theme (3)
03-22-1960 (early)Miles Davis1960-03-2215Walkin' >  
04-09-1960Miles Davis1960-04-0915Walkin' 1:06
10-28-1967Miles Davis1967-10-2819Gingerbread Boy 0:52
These Apartments (1)
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-3116Reuben & CheriseFor a Dancer2:45
They Love Each Other (22)    [Garcia/Hunter]
02-09-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-0926(conversation)Truckin'4:36
02-15-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-1526You Ain't Woman EnoughBig River4:47
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1018Box of RainThe Race is On5:02
11-30-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1417Big RiverPlayin' in the Band6:02
12-18-1973Grateful Dead1973-12-1815Looks Like RainMe and Bobby McGee5:53
02-14-1976Jerry Garcia Band1976-02-1412Second That EmotionI Want To Tell You7:39
05-21-1976Jerry Garcia BandDon't Let Go12SugareeThat's What Love Will Make You Do8:32
02-26-1977Grateful Dead1977-02-2613Minglewood BluesEstimated Prophet6:58
03-19-1977Grateful Dead1977-03-1915Big RiverLooks Like Rain7:12
05-08-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0814El PasoJack Straw9:05
05-08-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-0814El PasoJack Straw9:12
05-21-1977Grateful Dead1977-05-2113Me & My UncleCassidy7:18
09-03-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1513The Promised LandMe & My Uncle7:41
10-01-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-0112The Promised LandMexicali Blues3:14
12-29-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1012Jack StrawMama Tried7:45
02-03-1978Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1815Minglewood BluesIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue7:42
04-16-1978Grateful Dead1978-04-1617Mama TriedMinglewood Blues6:56
05-06-1981Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1313Greatest Story Ever ToldCassidy7:08
04-19-1982Grateful Dead1982-04-1912Jack StrawOn the Road Again8:41
04-26-1983Grateful Dead1983-04-2613Minglewood BluesMe & My Uncle8:15
10-14-1983Grateful DeadDick's Picks #613Greatest Story Ever ToldMama Tried9:10
06-19-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-1913Feel Like a StrangerMinglewood Blues9:59
Thin Mint (1)
01-01-2000Keller Williams2000-01-0124Blatant Rip-off> Help on the Way16:31
Things We Said Today (2)
10-22-1999David Gans1999-10-2212Poncho & Lefty >> Leave Me 
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-3134We Bid You Goodnight >> One Thing at a Time2:45
Think (3)    [McKracklin]
??-??-1973Legion of MaryDick's Gift12Finders KeepersLa-La9:17
02-09-1974Gacia & Saunders1974-02-0911 Finders Keepers7:46
??-??-1990Jerry Garcia BandHow Sweet It Is17Tears of RageGomorrah7:18
Third Degree (1)
11-26-1994Eric Clapton1994-11-2621 Reconsider Baby5:44
Third Week in Chelsea (1)
12-31-1969Hot Tuna1969-12-3116Uncle Sam's BluesRunnin' All Around This World5:45
This Time Forever (1)
??-??-1988Bob Weir & Rob WassermanBob Weir Rob Wasserman Live110EternityShade of Grey4:31
Throwing Stones (17)    [Weir/Barlow]
04-26-1983Grateful Dead1983-04-2629Morning Dew >> Not Fade Away9:33
07-15-1984Grateful Dead1984-07-1532China Doll >> Not Fade Away9:18
02-14-1986Grateful Dead1986-02-1426Wharf Rat >> Turn On Your Lovelight8:46
04-11-1987Grateful Dead1987-04-1126Wharf Rat >> Not Fade Away8:22
09-24-1988Grateful Dead1988-09-2426The Wheel> Not Fade Away18:50
??-??-1988Bob Weir & Rob WassermanBob Weir Rob Wasserman Live114Blue Sky Bop 10:21
03-15-1990Grateful DeadTerrapin Station Limited35Wharf Rat >> Not Fade Away8:59
06-10-1990Grateful Dead1990-06-1033Standing on the Moon >> Not Fade Away9:06
07-08-1990Grateful DeadView from the Vault34Black Peter >> Turn On Your Lovelight9:22
10-20-1990Grateful Dead1990-10-2035Dark Star >> Not Fade Away9:36
06-20-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-2021 > Iko Iko8:27
06-20-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-2036Wharf Rat >> Not Fade Away4:37
09-25-1991Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1734China Doll >> Not Fade Away8:59
10-31-1991Grateful Dead1991-10-3135Standing on the Moon> Not Fade Away9:51
03-24-1993Grateful Dead1993-03-2424Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad >> Not Fade Away 
09-24-1994Grateful Dead1994-09-2419Bird Song 8:59
02-12-1999Ratdog1999-02-1225DrumsSugar Magnolia10:36
Thunder Road (1)
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-3122Hooker River >(conversation) 
The Tide Will Rise (1)
07-28-1998Bruce Hornsby1998-07-28212Across the River >Country Doctor4:09
To Lay Me Down (9)    [Garcia/Hunter]
08-05-1970Grateful Dead1970-08-05113Mama TriedDire Wolf6:24
09-20-1970Grateful Dead1970-09-2017RippleTruckin'6:28
??-??-1970Grateful DeadSo Many Roads (1965 - 1995)111Mason's Children 5:39
06-23-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-23110El Paso 8:07
06-23-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-23114El Paso 7:58
06-28-1974Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1226Big RiverMe & My Uncle8:24
04-10-1982 (early)Jerry Garcia (solo)1982-04-10a110I've Been All Around This WorldRun for the Roses8:26
03-27-1988Grateful Dead1988-03-2717Me & My Uncle> Let it Grow8:03
03-27-1988Grateful Dead1988-03-2717Me & My Uncle> Let it Grow8:03
Toad (1)
03-03-1967Cream1967-03-0314Train TimeI'm So Glad7:22
Together Again (1)
09-20-1970New Riders of the Purple Sage1970-09-20113Brokedown Palace 2:22
Tom's Diner (1)
??-??-1993Suzanne Vega1993-??-??19Luka 3:29
Tons of Steel (1)    [Brent Mydland]
04-11-1987Grateful Dead1987-04-1115LoserDesolation Row5:17
Tore Up Over You (5)    [Hank Ballard]
12-31-1975Jerry Garcia BandDick's Gift25(tuning) >C.C. Rider10:51
02-14-1976Jerry Garcia Band1976-02-1415Russian LullabyThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down9:36
05-21-1976Jerry Garcia BandDon't Let Go23Strange ManI'll Take a Melody9:28
??-??-1990Jerry Garcia BandHow Sweet It Is19GomorrahLike a Road7:19
09-11-1998Keller Williams1998-09-1117Chillin'Lonely Avenue8:22
The Touch I Like (1)
05-21-1975Legion of Mary1975-05-2111 I Feel Like Dynamite12:48
Touch of Grey (4)    [Garcia/Hunter]
12-31-1986Grateful Dead1986-12-3121 > Let it Grow6:08
04-11-1987Grateful Dead1987-04-1119The Music Never Stopped> Man Smart, Woman Smarter6:07
07-08-1990Grateful DeadView from the Vault11 > Greatest Story Ever Told6:36
06-20-1991Grateful Dead1991-06-2011 > Greatest Story Ever Told7:21
Tough Mama (2)    [Bob Dylan]
05-21-1975Legion of Mary1975-05-2115Finders KeepersThat's What Love Will Make You Do9:49
??-??-1990Jerry Garcia BandHow Sweet It Is12How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)That's What Love Will Make You Do5:41
Tragic (1)    [Happy Rhodes]
09-04-1999Happy Rhodes1999-09-04120(stage banter)Monty Python Quotes5:22
Train Time (1)
03-03-1967Cream1967-03-0313Steppin' OutToad5:48
Triad (1)
12-20-1970Miscellaneous Jerry Garcia1970-12-2015Cowboy MovieThe Wall Song10:12
Tribe (1)
01-01-2000Keller Williams2000-01-01110Loup >  
Truck Drivin' Man (1)    [Fell]
04-28-1971New Riders of the Purple Sage1971-04-2813SupermanI Don't Know You3:48
Truckin' (37)    [Garcia/Weir/Lesh/Hunter]
09-20-1970Grateful Dead1970-09-2018To Lay Me DownRosalie McFall5:56
02-18-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1812BerthaIt Hurts Me Too10:47
02-19-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-1912(tuning)Loser9:23
02-20-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-2022Sugar MagnoliaLoser8:07
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2811 Beat it on Down the Line13:53
04-28-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2811 Beat it on Down the Line9:30
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2911 Bertha11:14
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2911 Bertha11:22
04-29-1971Grateful Dead1971-04-2911 Bertha9:29
08-14-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-1421 > Drums3:53
08-15-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-1521 > Drums7:50
04-26-1972Grateful DeadHundred Year Hall21 > The Other One17:45
05-03-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-0331 > Drumz16:26
02-09-1973Grateful Dead1973-02-0927They Love Each Other> Eyes of the World7:43
06-10-1973Grateful Dead1973-06-1036Wharf Rat > 7:49
09-15-1973Grateful Dead1973-09-1514Row Jimmy> Drums10:56
11-14-1973Grateful Dead1973-11-1426Around & Around> The Other One14:37
12-02-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1444He's Gone >> Stella Blue13:34
12-19-1973Grateful DeadDick's Picks #122He's Gone >> Nobody's Fault But Mine9:18
05-19-1974Grateful Dead1974-05-1931 > Mind Left Body Jam18:42
06-16-1974Grateful Dead1974-06-1641 > Nobody's Jam8:17
06-26-1974Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1216Beer Barrel Polka> Other One Jam11:06
08-06-1974Grateful Dead1974-08-0643He's Gone >> Spanish Jam13:52
09-09-1974Grateful DeadDick's Picks #726Big River> Wood Green Jam10:32
09-03-1977Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1533Not Fade Away >Terrapin Station10:06
10-02-1977Grateful Dead1977-10-0235The Wheel >> The Other One8:53
12-27-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-2731 > Wharf Rat9:50
12-31-1977Grateful Dead1977-12-3124Fire on the Mountain> Wharf Rat20:03
02-05-1978Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1834Fire on the Mountain >> Drums9:17
10-18-1978Grateful Dead1978-10-1837Wharf Rat >I Need a Miracle11:48
04-19-1982Grateful Dead1982-04-1932The Wheel >> Stella Blue7:01
04-26-1983Grateful Dead1983-04-2626Drumz >Nobody's Jam6:41
04-11-1987Grateful Dead1987-04-1124Space> Wharf Rat7:02
03-22-1990Grateful Dead1990-03-2225Believe It Or Not> Drums11:03
10-31-1991Grateful Dead1991-10-3123Fire on the Mountain> Spoonful7:19
03-17-1995Grateful Dead1995-03-1721 > New Speedway Boogie21:03
American Beauty OuttakesGrateful DeadDP13 Vault Release Party13Salute to Dick LatvalaNot Fade Away5:45
Try Just a Little Bit Harder (1)
04-01-1969Janis Joplin1969-04-0114SummertimeCan't Turn You Loose5:40
Trying (1)
03-31-2000David Gans2000-03-31312It Must Have Been the Roses >  
Turn On Your Lovelight (17)    [Scott/Malone]
02-11-1969 (early)Grateful Dead1969-02-1117I'm a King BeeHey Jude17:07
02-22-1969Grateful Dead1969-02-2224The Eleven > 22:19
02-27-1969Grateful Dead1969-02-2726The Eleven > 18:11
02-28-1969Grateful Dead1969-02-2815I'm a King Bee 16:46
03-01-1969Grateful Dead1969-03-0126The Eleven >> (crowd noise)17:50
10-25-1969Grateful Dead1969-10-2514The Eleven >(conversation)21:52
11-08-1969Grateful DeadDick's Picks #1636We Bid You Goodnight 25:29
02-13-1970 (late)Grateful DeadDick's Picks #422That's It for the Other One > 30:27
02-20-1971Grateful Dead1971-02-2034Not Fade Away 25:33
08-15-1971Grateful Dead1971-08-1527Wharf RatJohnny B. Goode15:44
04-26-1972Grateful DeadHundred Year Hall19Playin' in the Band> Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad19:13
02-14-1986Grateful Dead1986-02-1427Throwing Stones >Brokedown Palace5:34
12-31-1986Grateful Dead1986-12-3133Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad >Gimme Some Lovin'5:35
07-08-1990Grateful DeadView from the Vault35Throwing Stones >Knockin' on Heaven's Door8:39
09-10-1991Grateful Dead1991-09-1033Standing on the Moon >It's All Over Now, Baby Blue9:24
06-04-1998The Other Ones1998-06-0436The Eleven > 10:48
12-31-1998Ratdog1998-12-3119I Know You Rider > 6:07
Two Souls in Communion (1)    [Ron McKernan]
05-11-1972Grateful Dead1972-05-1125Me & My UncleEl Paso7:25

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