RCS file: e:/cvsroot/gnus-alias/gnus-alias.el,vWorking file: gnus-alias.elhead: 1.3branch:locks: strictaccess list:symbolic names:keyword substitution: kvtotal revisions: 3; selected revisions: 3description:gnus-alias source file----------------------------revision 1.3date: 2001/09/16 17:33:44; author: jcasa; state: Exp; lines: +31 -22Ready for posting; went thru: o lm-verify o checkdoc o elint----------------------------revision 1.2date: 2001/09/16 16:30:36; author: jcasa; state: Exp; lines: +549 -325Changes since last version: o Added much more documentation o Added many to-do items and ranked them o Added 'Refer-to' to identity-alist o Changed identity-rule Header Set from 'all' to 'both' o Added ability to work on forwarded messages as if they were being replied to o Added use of save-match-data wherever needed o Changed gnus-alias-disply-version to gnus-alias-version o Added gnus-alias-ensure-message-mode o Added more/full flexibility in regexp substitutions o Fixed minor bugs o Overhauled debug/error system o Added gnus-alias-position-on-field to allow extra headers to be placed in the order desired by user o Added support for inserting and removing Body elements o Fixed bug in gnus-alias-dump-headers o Added Identity menu in Message mode o Added gnus-alias-point-positionMajor changes from gnus-pers: o changes to Personality/Identity definition: broke out extra headers to make them a repeating list of header/value pairs; added Organization & Body elements o made the alias look-ups non-case-sensitive o got rid of deprecated variables and functions o gnus-alias-current-identity is now buffer-local o removed key-binding bound to `gnus-personality-choose' (conflicted with XXX in Emacs 21) o added gnus-alias-load-hook o allow overlaying Identities o gnus-personality-use used the 'default' identity when none was supplied (or if an invalid identity was supplied); gnus-alias-use-identity will generate an error under similar circumstances o Fundamentally changed the way gnus-pers-electric-headers work; much simpler now o electric headers can now work on the message being forwarded/replied to o electric-headers-abbrev-alist can now refer to other element definitions instead of duplicating them o replaced much of the code with standard message.el commands o generally cleaned it up for posting to gnu.emacs.sources----------------------------revision 1.1date: 2001/09/08 21:51:46; author: jcasa; state: Exp;Initial version.=============================================================================