RCS file: e:/cvsroot/swbuff-advice/swbuff-advice.el,vWorking file: swbuff-advice.elhead: 1.5branch:locks: strictaccess list:symbolic names:keyword substitution: kvtotal revisions: 5; selected revisions: 5description:swbuff-advice elisp source----------------------------revision 1.5date: 2001/07/16 03:21:38; author: jcasa; state: Exp; lines: +349 -224Cleaned up according to lm-verify, checkdoc, elint & byte-compilerCleaned up docs.Added additive-exclusive filters.Changed customization group.Changed default of `joc-swbuff-allow-inclusive-regexps' to t.Re-implemented `swbuff-include-p' as advice instead of overloading function.Re-worked `joc-swbuff-list-alt-regexps-alist' almost completelyRe-worked semantics of `joc-swbuff-advice'.Added C-u C-u to turn off all filtering.----------------------------revision 1.4date: 2001/01/28 22:09:58; author: joe; state: Exp; lines: +236 -44Added the ability to have more than one set of alternate regexps lists.Added the ability to have INCLUSIVE filters, in addition to exclusionaryfilters. See joc-swbuff-allow-inclusive-regexps for more info. Also:;; NOTE: there was no easy way to provide this capability;; without diving into the guts of the swbuff code. So the way;; I wound up implementing this was by re-writing one of the;; core swbuff functions. It's a fairly small function and the;; changes I made were contained and non-intrusive, but you still;; may want to take some care in enabling this, as future versions;; of swbuff may break this function. I found it too useful, though,;; and I thought others may also.----------------------------revision 1.3date: 2001/01/01 19:33:07; author: root; state: Exp; lines: +9 -9Changed from netaxs to northbound-train.com. Changed some comments.----------------------------revision 1.2date: 2000/09/14 03:57:01; author: jcasa; state: Exp; lines: +7 -7Somehow missed defvar joc-swbuff-use-alt.Added "act" option to defadvice.----------------------------revision 1.1date: 2000/09/09 02:50:04; author: jcasa; state: Exp;Initial Version.=============================================================================