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Purpose & History
A Note about the Name
The Media Resource List
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Purpose & History

The purpose of this list is to provide people with information about regularly scheduled Radio and TV shows dealing with issues of interest to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered community. This was not an attempt to report on specials or guest appearances (no "Martina's on Leno tonight" references). That information can be found elsewhere. Rather, this is an effort to give people unfamiliar with our community an opportunity to find it and explore it. I might eventually be including newspapers in this list as well.

The idea for the list came about after talking with a friend at the 1996 Gaylaxicon. We were having a discussion about youth, and what resources are available to them. I was talking about the availability of Internet resources, while he was talking about radio. Both of these provide excellent ways for youth to get in touch with the GLBT community in a way that is controlled and safe for them. Anyway, after that discussion, I decided to hook the two of them together, and that's where this list comes in.

The data for this list came from many sources. Where possible, I have verified the information with the host or hosts of the show. In those cases, I have included their comments and used their words to describe the format and audience of the show. No attempt was made to record whether that occurred or not.

A Note about the Name

I have struggled with what to name this page. Originally it was the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Media Resource List, which is very inclusive. But it's a bit cumbersome, especially when registering with search engines. So I decided to go with LGBTQ Media Resource List, which is certainly shorter, and even more inclusive, but not very descriptive, especially to those not familiar with our community. Also, it does not lead to a lot of hits when someone is searching for gay radio shows.

So I asked my boyfriend Will what to do. He suggested Rainbow Media Resource List, which I liked a lot. It was short and kinda nice. But again, I was worried about people finding it when searching (though the alliteration was nice!). I thought about Lambda Media Resource Page, too, but dismissed it for the same reasons.

So I decided on Gay Media Resource List. Why? Well, it's short, and it's searchable, but it's not very inclusive. Or is it? I think it's more inclusive by itself than if combined with any of the others. And above all else, I wanted the list to be found easily by people not familiar with our community. That is, after all, who this list is ultimately aimed at. And I think that this is the name that best meets all my needs

So I hope I have not offended anyone with my choice; it was not my intention. Please feel free to drop me a note ( to let me know if I have.

The Media Resource List

Shows - By Country, By City

[ South Africa ]

Australia (27)
Canada (25)
Denmark (1)
Germany (3)
Ireland (1)
Netherlands (1)
New Zealand (21)
South Africa (2)
Sweden (2)
United Kingdom (9)
United States (376)
Worldwide (16)

Shows - Other Lists

Show List (197) - find the show without the city or country
Composite List - All shows, all countries, ~440k -, zipped up, ~50k

Adding New Data

You can now submit new show data on-line! You do need a forms- and table-capable browser, though. If you provide an email address, I'll auto-mail you an acknowledgment.

Note: no data will actually be added to the database until it is verified by email or snail-mail.

Special Thanks

Deacon Maccubbin
I started this list with a request to about a dozen newsgroups and mailing lists, asking for information from individuals. As the information started to trickle in, I got an email from Deacon Maccubbin from Lambda Rising in DC, Baltimore and Rehobeth, giving me all of the information he had gathered over the last year. That information made up about 95% of the original list. Without Deacon's help, this list would be a shadow of what it is now. Thanks Deacon!

Lambda Rising has a full online bookstore with online ordering, author conferences, message boards, etc. on America Online. The AOL keyword for that area is GAYBOOKS.

Graham Underhill
Another person who has contributed greatly to the list is Graham Underhill ( Graham has single-handedly made sure that I know about every radio and TV show in Australia and New Zealand, and has made very sure that the information is correct. He has also sent several people over to the site to correct or add show data. Thanks Graham!

Technical Details

I am maintaining this list in a Microsoft Access database under Windows 95. I generate all of the pages for this list automatically, extracting the data from the database, using Perl for Win32 and an ODBC module.

Initially, it took approximately 32 hours over 2 days to set up and design the database, and write the perl script to extract the data and compose the HTML (I have spent hundreds of hours since, refining the look and adding/updating data). The script at that point was about 760 lines and took about 25 seconds to run. Now it is up around 1500 lines and takes 1 minutes, 32 seconds to run! If anyone is interested in more specific details, drop me a line.

Other Resources

GayScribe - Gay & Lesbian newspapaer & magazine listing

Site Awards

Well, someone out there thinks I'm doing a good job! Here's a list of awards that the GMRL has earned:

I have tried to make this document presentable under both Netscape and Lynx. Please let me know how I did. Send these or other comments to:

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