Just As I Am

Show Name:Just As I Am
Host(s):Lillian K. Meadows, Producer
Target Audience:Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Mixed, HIV/AIDS
Show Format:Confronting the Religious Right - "Just As I Am" is a scintillating, charismatic mixture of the Christian message in both message and music.

Business Contact:Lillian K. Meadows
Address:PO Box 293090
Zip Code:95829
Web Page:

Comments:"Just As I Am" is the first program of its kind, ever, on regularly scheduled commercial TV. We have been on Fox TV for 8 months now as wll as 3 times a week on Access Cable. Rev. Freda Smith, former Vice-Moderator of MCC Worldwide, confronts the homophobic religious right rhetoric with humor, positive spiritually based uplifting messages, and an ongoing commitment to public awareness of issues affecting the Gay community: AIDS, civil rights, partner rights, negative stereotyping, parenting, etc.
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