Love Makes A Family

Show Name:Love Makes A Family
Host(s):Bonnie Tinker
Target Audience:Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Mixed, HIV/AIDS, Feminist, Latina/o
Show Format:A public dialog discussing gays, lesbians and family values.

Business Contact:Bonnie Tinker
Address:PO Box 11694
Zip Code:97211
Web Page:

Comments:We have targeted a slightly right-winged talk radio station to gain visibility through white, working class, traditional talk radio listeners. This station broadcasted Pat Buchanan in the past. Love Makes a Family is also the name of a non-profit community organizing project, also headed by Bonnie Tinker, that gives a voice to Lesbian and Gay headed families. Membership is world-wide. Tapes of the show are available on cassette and DAT.
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