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Title:Perl Cookbook: Tips and Tricks for Perl Programmers
Author(s):Tom Christiansen & Nathan Torkington
Audience:Beginner    Intermediate    Advanced    Rating:     
Publication Year:1998Publisher:O'Reilly & AssociatesISBN:1565922433
Comments:General Comments
This is a fun book for me, much the same way Effective Perl Programming is. It's chock full of useful tidbits, one-liners and full scripts. Some of the stuff I knew already, but I learned something from each section, even if it had nothing to do with the main topic. And I like that in a book (go figure).

This book grew out of two chapters in the first edition of Programming Perl: Chapter 5, "Common Tasks in Perl" and Chapter 6, "Real Perl Programs". I turned to those chapters often for help with a particular task, and still do now when I can't find my copy of this book (invariably it's at home when I need it at work and vice versa).

Those chapters were dropped in the Camel re-write, with the idea that they could and would be a whole book in and of themselves. From those two chapters of ~150 pages comes this book of almost 800 pages! Coming 2 years after the re-write, it was worth the wait! Between this book and the Perl FAQ, all of your most common how-to type of questions will be answered.

This book is broken up into 20 chapters, with 15-25 sections per chapter. Each section represents a different aspect of the topic being dealt with in the chapter, with lots of cross-references between topics within the book, as well as to pages in Programming Perl and Perl man pages. Every section has one or more code examples, and each chapter has a full-blown program or two combining many of the concepts talked about in the chapter.

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Everyone except the most advanced Perl programmer will find this book useful. In addition to being easy to read, its well thought out layout lends itself to use as a reference text quite well.
Rating Scale:  = = Not Recommended,       = = Excellent!

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