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  Title:Perl FAQ
Author(s):Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington
Audience:Beginner    Intermediate    Advanced    Rating:    ½
Publication Year:currentPublisher:CPANISBN:PerlFAQ
Comments:General Comments
It's free and accurate! It should have come with your Perl distribution (if not, get it from a CPAN site near you). Maintained by the authors of Perl Cookbook.

True to its name, this is a Frequently Asked Questions list, with many useful and accurate answers. Broken out into 9 major sections and several sub-sections, the FAQ answers hundreds of questions (almost 400!). It's well indexed and fairly easy for a novice to look up questions. This is a great place to turn to when looking for the answer to a question. It's also the first place to turn before posting a question to comp.lang.perl!

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
It's great for reference (and it's free!), especially if you haven't bought Perl Cookbook yet.
Rating Scale:  = = Not Recommended,       = = Excellent!

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