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This page started off as a way for me to offer my meager contributions back to the Perl community. When I looked around for other collections of Perl stuff for the Win32 port, I came up wanting. Except for the modules on CPAN, there were no collections out there.

So, I have reworked the pages to reflect the collection aspect. If you are interested in contributing, find out how you can help out.

Where To Get It

In the recent past, there were two different versions of Perl on Win32 platforms, the ActiveState version based on Perl 5.003 and one built from the core distribution (starting with Perl 5.004). Out of the oneperl initiative came the merging of many branches of Perl, incorporating some of the significant advances made by ActiveState into the core Perl distribution. This has become available to the public in Perl 5.005 (current version of Perl as of this writing [13-Oct-99] is 5.005_03; current build of ActivePerl is 520).

If you would like the latest version of Perl, you can build it yourself from the source code, or you can get an executable from ActiveState, which they are now calling ActivePerl. Both versions should be compatable with each other and with most popular Perl modules, like libwww and anything that uses makemaker, which ActiveState builds have had problems with in the past.


Parse Exceptions

If you are getting a "Parse Exception" error, you are more than likely mixing versions between a Perl module and the Perl build. Perl modules that have an accompanying .pll file need to be compiled for a specific build of Perl for Win32. If a module does not have a .pll file (i.e. only has a .pm file), then the "Parse Exception" error should not rear its ugly head.

Perl 5.005 modules are not binarily compatable with Perl 5.004 modules. This is true for both the ActiveState version and the core distribution (in fact, it's true for all platforms). Therefor, you will need updated versions of all modules that you were using before.

Pre-ActivePerl ActiveState builds
Modules compiled for builds 100-105 are all compatible with each other, and modules 106-110 are compatible with each other. None of the 3xx builds are compatible with the 1xx builds, and will generate the dreaded "Parse Exception" errors. From what I understand, builds 303 and 304 are not compatible, but build 305 will fix that.

Win32 Modules

FYI- More and more modules can be downloaded via PPM these days. Give it a try! Also, many of these modules are distributed with ActivePerl (check out their list). The links below are directly to the author's site.

Win32 Scripts

Win32 Development Tools

General Win32 Resources

Compression Utilities (.zip and .gz)
Links to other Win32 Pages
Mailing Lists

PerlScript Resources

SMTP Programs

General Perl Resources

Perl Mongers
Perl Scripts & Links Pages
Randal Schwartz
Perl Tutorials
HTML & CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
[NOTE: this is not meant to be a comprehensive list, just a jumping off point]

Completely Useless Perl Links - New!

How You Can Help

You can help out this collection by contributing! If you have a module or a script that you would like to have others use, let me know about it. If it is a module, you should also send it off to CPAN to be included there.

This could be the start of something wonderful....

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